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We are looking for the most efficient path to get to your goals. We provide our expertise with a 360° vision of marketing levers: SEA, SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing, influence marketing, emailing and social media.



Customer’s journey have changed a lot these years. To satisfy your targets, we implement a digital and cross canal strategy, tailored for your activity. We define with you objectives, targets, channels of communication, and a calendar to leverage your marketing and automate it.


Client Aquisition

Our goal is to help you to acquire clients, thanks to a cross-canal strategy:
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Networks (editorial strategy, content management…)
  • Email Marketing
  • Growth hacking
  • SEA: paid search
  • SMO: social media optimization


A/B Testing

A/B testing is a key step to manage an online campaign and improve the conversion rate. It allows us to measure the impact of an image, of a text, and it helps to define the best cost-effective solution. We support you from ideas, up to the analysis of the results.


Website Optimization

From SEO to user Experience, we optimize your website. Our goal is twofold:
  1. Attract any visitor on your website, thanks to an SEO audit and an optimization of your website.
  2. Convert the maximum number of prospects, via an User Experience (UX) optimization. We build and rethink your content to improve retention by creating sales funnels.

WE HELP YOU to structure your acquisition


Digital marketing is changing day by day. New solutions, new uses are created … Ellipse has a network to guide you in the jungle of marketing solutions and optimize your strategies to obtain maximum results. Thanks to our expertise and our talent team we offer innovative and bold ideas to create new strategies.

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